Social Media Audience Segmentation

Social Media Audience Segmentation is the process of dividing a large audience into smaller sub-groups of people based on needs, values and other characteristics which they may share.

The Socialisers can help you to fully understand your audience based on their interests and passions, and use the data provided to ensure that the right content is delivered, in the right place at the right time.

Audience segmentation provides a wealth of data in a variety of categories which can be utilised in several ways.

The Impact:


Segmentation data allows us to create Audience Personas which can be utilised in brand audits, user research and both ethnographic and psychographic studies.

Audience Monitoring

Monitoring your audience and evaluating key marketing elements such as content performance, community growth, trending content and new influencers.

Media Planning

Media data is a used to identify keywords, interests and hashtags which are being used effectively. This information plays a key role in carrying out social presence audits and channel planning in the social media space.


Instant awareness of the conversation your audience is having and joining that discussion in real-time is a clear indication that your brand is listening. However, it is essential that you also get your content right to ensure that the message it delivers truly resonates. We provide content insights which can improve content strategy, content curation, trendspotting and trendjacking (taking advantage of a trend as it occurs).


Identifying key influencers in your targeted social media sphere and uncovering the most connected members of a niche group provides the opportunity to fine tune strategy design and execution.


We can use our persona data to help you develop a highly focussed advertising target list. This enables you to reach beyond your existing organic audience to new prospects with similar personas. This improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaigns ensuring that you are conversing directly with those most likely to become customers and fans.