Social Media Emotional Analysis

Social Media Emotional Analysis is the identification of feelings expressed by your audience and the topics that drive those feelings.

The Socialisers gather relevant information from a variety of wide ranging and far reaching sources. We can instantly analyse free text data sets and, with the help of our individual emotion indexes, topic analysis and commentary, produce a set of evidenced insights and corresponding actions.

The Impact:


Emotional Analysis can help you understand large data sets quickly and uncover the true feelings expressed by an audience.

Brand Performance Tracking

Track changes in the emotional response of yours or a competitor’s audience over specific timeframes. We can help you gauge fluctuations in consumer feeling with the use of weekly/monthly scorecards. Approaches include absolute measure, competitor comparison or industry benchmark comparisons.

Employer Brand

Understand the real feelings and satisfaction levels of your employees by analysing employee surveys.


Measure the success of your event by analysing the social responses of your delegates.

Understand Immediate Customer Emotions

How customers feel about their experiences with a company can improve or damage the perception of the brand. Our real-time emotional analytics solution enables you to ‘Hear the Voice’ of the customer in real-time and respond accordingly.

Net Promoter Score

For brands that use NPS tracking, Emotional Analysis proves incredibly useful as it is complementary in nature but has the added value of enabling a company to see the key themes that influence brand perception.