Using our proprietary social listening software – SocialWatching™ – The Socialisers analysed every Instagram post featuring the hashtag #gin from June/July 2019 and June/July 2020. The results unveil that the world's most talked about gin on Instagram is Tanqueray, London is the most popular gin-drinking city, and we really, really love a happy hour.

The full reportThe Ginstagram Generation, a global analysis of Instagram's gin community – is available to download below (alternatively request a copy from The findings shine a light on an industry that has undergone a resurgence in recent years, with gin becoming the drink of choice across the world and spurring the creation of a unique online community of #ginstagrammers.

We set out to listen to this unique community and unveil the trends and conversations impacting the gin industry.

Here's what we discovered…

The total number of posts about gin

June/July 2020 saw a total of 345,543 posts with #gin, a 16% decrease compared to 2019 which totalled 413,262 #gin posts. Gin based hashtags that represent the Ginstagram Generation have seen high growth, such as #ginlovers (141%) and #ginstagram (61%)

When we first started listening to the #gin conversations, COVID-19 wasn't a word any of us had heard of. In short, now we’ve crunched the data, its impact is unavoidable. Our analysis shows these summer months have transformed from gin fuelled social occasions to at-home consumption. Consequently, we believe this had an impact on the number of posts shared in total.

But luckily, there is plenty of growth elsewhere, suggesting that the world's love of gin isn't going anywhere soon.

The most popular brands

The data reveals that #Tanqueray is the most popular brand mentioned alongside #gin, experiencing a 70% increase. This totalled 6,096 hashtags across June/July 2020 compared to 3,587 the previous year. The addition of #gintanqueray (380%) and #tanqueraygin (138%) means the brand appeared 8,288 times across the two months.

In second place was #hendricks and #hendricksgin totalling 5,177 mentions. A surprise at number three – it's not a gin at all, but tonic brand Fever-Tree. The use of #Fevertree jumped 12% to 3,137 mentions and #fevertreetonic, despite a -22% drop helped bring the brand's total to 4,001 mentions across the two months.

Where we're drinking gin and why

The United Kingdom is the most popular location for gin drinkers. Eight of the top 20 hashtagged locations used alongside #gin during June/July 2020, are in the UK. An additional two are in Ireland. 

Despite a -36% decrease from the previous year, London is the most common location being hashtagged alongside #gin.

It looks like no one really needs a reason to drink gin, which is good news for the industry. #Ginoclock increased 75% with #happyhour growing 61%.

No doubt a direct correlation with COVID-19 lockdowns, there was a marked decrease in the use of #weekend (-9%) #nightlife (-4%) #festival (-86%), #wedding (-34%) and #nightout (-52%) in collaboration with #gin.

Want to read the full report? Download it here (or request a copy from To speak to The Socialisers about how to tap into conversations about your brand, visit Alternatively, contact Richard Pimblott on