What is Social Media Intelligence?

Social Media Intelligence is the process of thoroughly mapping the web and social space in order to gauge and analyse what is being said about your company, your competitors and any other topics of interest. It’s not about volume or past interactions, it’s about immediacy and the added value for your brand, product or organisation.


Through utilising a variety of tools and online resources, The Socialisers can help you to gather the necessary intelligence and make effective use of the data to strengthen many areas of your business.

The Impact:

Reputation and Crisis Management

Enables brands to keep tabs on what’s being said about them in real-time. It can be used in PR and corporate communications to identify emerging issues and respond promptly and accordingly. In the case of crisis or negative feedback a quick and considered response is often essential.

Customer Experience

Assists in tracking the customer journey, highlighting potential problem areas and providing the chance to make instant changes. The recognition of a customer in need and improving their experience quickly can increase customer satisfaction and result in enhanced brand perception.


Provides a framework for marketing departments to regularly and quickly benchmark an organisations’ positioning against consumer perception. It also provides the opportunity to identify and utilise key influencers enabling active engagement with existing and potential customers. This knowledge can then be used to determine what messages and offers will be successful within different customer segments.


What current, ex and potential employees are saying about your company can have a great bearing on its reputation. HR departments can use Social Media Intelligence to monitor what is being said and engage accordingly. In addition, the growing competition for strong candidates means that HR teams are increasingly turning to social media for recruitment.

Market Research

Identifying industry trends and customer needs. It is essential in analysing and understanding competitor activity, positioning and strategy, and how this is resonating with customers.

Product Development

Social Media data can prove invaluable in the development, testing and fine-tuning of new products and services.