SocialWatching™ - Social Media image analysis at scale

Our proprietary social listening software, SocialWatching™, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse millions of Instagram images, social posts and search data points at the touch of a button.

SocialWatching™ is the ideal tool for brand marketers and agencies who don’t just want to listen to social media, but who want to use it to drive real business growth.

SocialWatching™ can help you:

> Listen to your customers and see what’s important to them

> Monitor your competition for trends and sentiment

> Uncover influencers, inform content strategies, marketing campaigns and social content creation

> Impact business decisions with real-time trends, analysis and data

The Impact:

  • Unrivalled AI-powered automated clustering of images based on visual similarity
  • Search by:
    • visual similarity
    • hashtag
    • keyword
    • sentiment
    • emoji
    • location
    • language
  • Elastic integration; facilitating deep search capabilities across millions of posts
  • Emoji wordclouds
  • Natural Language Processing uncovers the topics that resonate with your audiences
  • Caption analysis displayed via language filter and easy-to-read bar charts
  • Easily explore individual Instagram posts with the in-built Instagram pop-up
  • Proprietary location detection via machine learning. We have trained our machine to recognise the names of almost all English-speaking countries with a population over 100k
  • Understand the individuals that engage with your brand
  • Compare date ranges to monitor changes over time
  • Highly visual and engaging donut charts to display custom data
  • Easily add filters and turn the dashboard into exactly what you need
  • Produce research backed content that will resonate with your audience
  • Segment your audience by type of imagery, hashtag usage, location, gender and more