SocialWatching™ - Social Media image analysis at scale

The explosion of image sharing on social media has provided brands with new ways to explore their relationships with the world.

Understanding millions of images posted each day allows brands unparalleled insight into what they mean to their audiences and how they impact on their customers lives by considering the attitudes, passions, motivations and behaviours of their audiences.

SocialWatching™ allows brands to truly understand how consumers engage and feel about them through the analysis of content that is increasingly rich in emotion.

Using image recognition technology, machine learning and cultural analysis, SocialWatching™ allows brands to understand, quantify and segment UGC imagery.

Analysing user generated content opens a window into an increasing rich and visual universe – one that is spontaneous and unsolicited.

The Impact:

  • Collect historic and real time data by hashtag, location or bio.
  • Search by visual similarity, hashtag, keyword.
  • Benchmark vs competitors
  • Use image recognition to understand visuals that deliver more engagement.
  • Natural Language Processing uncovers the topics that resonate with your audiences.
  • Analyse how, when and where people see your brand.
  • Understand the hashtags that inspire the most engagement.
  • Identify trending topics.
  • Identify and track key influencers.
  • Understand the individuals that engage with your brand.
  • See the locations of your audience.
  • Track your campaign hashtags in real time.
  • Activate influencers
  • Produce research backed content that will resonate with your audience.
  • Segment your audience by types of imagery, hashtag usage, location, gender etc….